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Improving your hearing is important. Here’s why:

We see many clients who tell us that their hearing isn’t that bad- their family members are exaggerating and that they can do just fine without a hearing aid. If this sounds like you or a loved one- know that you’re not alone. Hearing loss is usually a very gradual process that typically goes unnoticed and is usually accompanied by denial. So, if you’ve been avoiding conversations or just nodding along because you don’t want to keep asking someone to repeat themselves, or someone tells you that your TV or music is unbearably loud but you disagree….it’s time to seek our help.

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Unfortunately, hearing loss can come with major side effects. Some people become incredibly frustrated or isolate themselves socially due to shame. They may stop doing activities they once loved or socializing with family and friends. Hearing loss can come with denial or an unwillingness to fix it or “tough it out” caused by many factors like fear, social stigmas, lack of education and more. 

How can you help yourself or a loved one live better with hearing loss?

The first step is to contact Hear In Edmonton for a hearing evaluation. Once an evaluation is completed it will give us a better picture of your hearing health, and the extent of your hearing loss in order to determine the best course of action for you. We will be able to help fit you with hearing aids that not only work but meet your lifestyle and budget needs.

When someone’s hearing is restored, a new life is reborn. Hearing makes you feel younger and more independent and in control of your life. By letting us help you, you’ll regain confidence and deter more hearing loss and damage.


Having an evaluation will identify your specific type of hearing loss, allowing us to help you in the best way possible. People of all ages can have any of these types of hearing loss:

  • Sensorineural Hearing LossWhen the tiny hairs within your auditory canal are damaged or missing due to a number of factors. The solutions are surgery or hearing aids.

  • Conductive Hearing LossTemporary hearing loss. Solutions are medication, a medical procedure or sometimes surgery.

  • Central Hearing LossCaused by central nervous system diseases or stroke. The solution is typically therapy called “auditory rehabilitation”. 

  • Mixed Hearing LossA mix of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Solutions are hearing aids, medication, (or a combination of both) or surgery. 

You see, it’s impossible to treat hearing loss without diagnosing the problem first. Hearing aids will not work for certain people but do improve the lives of many with a  proper evaluation performed by professionals first. Call us at 587-410-7391 today to have a hearing evaluation.

Why Wait?

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Be proactive about your hearing! Whether you are experiencing severe hearing loss or only slight changes, Hear In Edmonton can help you hear life to the fullest!