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About Hearing Loss

Denial about hearing loss is extremely common. For most, it’s easier to assume that your family members are just mumbling, or that the environment is too loud. Hearing loss usually happens gradually over time, making it easily go unnoticed. However, if you’re noticing yourself nodding along to conversations although you’re not exactly sure what is being said, or avoiding social situations- it’s time to do something about it!

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Recent statistics show that of the 4 million Canadians who experience hearing loss, 80% need hearing aids and do not have them. 

People of all ages can experience hearing loss and require hearing aids, in fact, 1 in 4 Canadians report struggling with hearing loss. It can be caused by many factors however it is typically a symptom of getting older. 

As the Baby Boomers continue to age, these numbers will only continue to rise. While we can’t help you halt the aging process, the great news is that many people’s hearing loss is very treatable! 

There is no reason to suffer, we can help you secure the appropriate treatment plan and hearing aids. With hearing aids, you’ll be able to live your life to the fullest! Have conversations, listen to music, or just hear the sound of the birds and crickets. Hearing aids can truly give you back your confidence and change your life.

How Does Hearing Work?

Talk about a miracle. The concept of hearing is incredible! Your brain and ears work together in harmony (unless you’re experiencing hearing loss, then you know it isn’t always so harmonious!)

When sound waves hit your outer ear, they are channeled down the auditory canal (which is a passageway lined with tiny hairs and glands, which produce earwax.) When the wave reaches the end of the canal, it meets your eardrum and 3 tiny bones- making vibrations and moving the bones.

The wave ricochets faster than the speed of light from bone to bone, amplifying the sound. If there is any damage to any parts of your ear, the delicate process will be disrupted and result in major hearing loss.

Myths About Hearing Loss

It’s time for you to uncover the truth about hearing loss. While some myths may have been true in the past, advances in technology have come such a far way (and in a short period of time!) Many things you may have thought you knew about hearing aids are simply not true anymore! Do not put off seeking treatment, learn more about hearing loss and contact us today with any questions! Our experts will help guide you to the truth.

Fact: Hearing loss is usually a very slow process. Many, many patients do not notice their hearing becoming worse over time. You may be in denial or have simply compensated by turning up your music or television or asking people to repeat themselves. The number one way to recognize that you have hearing loss is by listening to others. Have your friends or family urged you to get a hearing test or told you that it’s annoying that you can never hear them? It’s time to schedule an appointment.

Fact: Over time, hearing loss can lead to serious side effects like frustration, social withdrawal, depression, and even dementia. The best thing to do is to take care of hearing loss before more major side effects take hold of your life. Beyond those major issues, hearing loss can also seriously damage your social life and relationship with your family and friends.

Fact: If you’re suffering hearing loss, the worst thing you can do is wait to seek help. There is a term for what happens when you experience hearing loss and do not get help- it’s called auditory deprivation. This means, the longer you ignore hearing loss, the more hearing you will lose that can never be recovered. Hearing aids only assist with what hearing you have left, the longer you wait, the worse and worse your condition will be.

Fact: This will only increase the chances of your hearing getting so bad, you will have no choice but to seek help and it may be too late due to auditory deprivation. (See myth 3) This mindset also challenges your relationships with others. Nobody else wants to sit in a room with the TV blaring or have to constantly repeat themselves. 

Fact: Hearing aids must be fit by a reputable and experienced hearing specialist- there are many types of hearing loss and many types of technology available and hearing aids work for almost EVERYONE! Purchasing hearing aids without an evaluation (possibly through an online scam that promises hearing with cheap aids) just isn’t going to cut it. Make sure you know your facts and have professionals help you.

Fact: Maybe once upon a time! We agree, hearing aids of days gone by aren’t making anybody swoon. However, today you can choose from dozens of models! Behind the ear, in-ear or even the most discreet, ear canal models. Hearing aids are now sleek and small, easily hidden and even made in nice colours- not just beige.

Fact: Not so! Hearing loss affects people of all ages, even young children have hearing aids. Besides, if you are experiencing hearing loss and asking people to repeat themselves, or nodding along to the conversation without the appropriate responses, you’ll probably seem older than you are, more so than if you just wore a hearing aid!

Fact: If you’re experiencing hearing loss in both ears, you need two hearing aids. Having one ear able to hear while the other can’t may affect your balance and can cause one ear to deteriorate faster than the other. It can also pose a serious risk as you will not be able to hear noises from all directions, meaning you can miss a hazard like traffic or a fire. 

Fact: The fact is, it’s all about value. Smartphones and televisions are also incredibly expensive, but people purchase them without thought every day. What is your hearing worth to you? Living a full life and staying healthy and happy is priceless, and we at Hear in Edmonton will always do our best to match you with the best hearing options at the most economical price point. We believe everybody deserves to hear. 

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