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Helping a Loved One With Hearing Loss

When you know a family member or a friend can improve their quality of life by getting hearing aids, it can become frustrating when they do not take the steps to make that happen. However, being patient and understanding is the first step to helping your loved one. So what can you do when someone else’s hearing is putting a strain on your relationship?

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Denial is often a big part of not seeking help- along with fear, social stigma or simply a lack of education. The issue may also be stubbornness (a tough-it-out attitude) or even pride. But assisting them with getting help is always the right thing to do, even if it isn’t easy.

When hearing loss is ignored, a person can isolate themselves socially, lose confidence or the personality you once knew, become depressed, lose balance, or even present as having dementia when it is simply hearing loss causing the confusion. If you’re concerned, it is always better to be proactive than reactive. Help before the problems get worse. We can help you with what to do and say. It can be a delicate situation but we have helped hundreds of families going through exactly what you’re going through.


  • Share your concerns – It’s important to voice your concerns, but also important to be sensitive and understanding. Be ready for some defensiveness and denial and try to remain calm. You may have to bring it up more than a few times, but never yell or get frustrated. It can be very tough to face the facts that you may have hearing loss- it’s often a sign of aging that not many want to recognize.

  • Encourage seeing an expert Many people have tried hearing amplifiers or devices sold under the guise of solving any hearing problem and believe that hearing aids will not work for them. For many, only a professional hearing specialist can solve the problem. Try and present the information and let them look at it and empower their own choice.

  • Call and schedule an appointment with us – For many people, taking the first step is the hardest and if they have an appointment made for them they will appreciate the gesture and keep it. Just reassure them that it is better to be safe than sorry and if there’s nothing wrong then no harm no foul.

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