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Did you know that earwax can become compacted and press against your eardrum, causing difficulty hearing or ringing in the ears? That’s why sometimes treating hearing loss is as simple as removing ear wax.

Earwax (cerumen), a waxy substance secreted in the ear canal, is there for a reason — to clean and protect the skin of your ear canal from debris, bacteria and water. Despite your best efforts to clean it out, wax can build up in your ear canal, harden and become stuck. Using a cotton swab can make the situation worse by pushing the wax in deeper. You can’t feel this buildup, but it can lead to temporary hearing loss.

We do not remove ear wax at our clinics however we can check to see if ear wax is causing you problems. It is suggested that you see your local doctor or walk-in clinic to assist you with the ear wax removal. We also suggest that after you have seen your doctor and had the ear wax removed, you should book a hearing evaluation to ensure no damage has been caused and that it was the ear wax causing problems not hearing loss.

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Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

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